5th Consortium Meeting of Lincoln project

NeXOS Project finishes
Quinta reunión del consorcio del proyecto Lincoln

We have attended on October 18th and 19th, 2017 to the 5th Consortium Meeting of Lincoln Project in Bremen, where results of the first year of the project are being presented. In addition to this, several workshops are being celebrated based on BIBA (Bremer Institut fuer Production und Logistik) headquarters. BIBA is a research institute directly linked to the University of Bremen.

Lincoln project aims to use innovative methodologies and tools to develop three new concepts of ship through dynamic model simulation. CTN develops part of LEAN methodology and the exploitation of the project, and collaborates actively in the design phase.

More information: https://www.lincolnproject.eu/

Contact person: Jordi Solé (jordisole@ctnaval.com)