Kick-off Meeting of WESE Project

CTN coordinates DEMO-BLUESMARTFEED project
Foro de Empleo UPCT 2018

The last 26th of November the Marine Technology Centre (CTN) as partner of the project participated in the Kick-off Meeting of WESE Project, Wave Energy in Southern Europe.

This project has started in 2018 and it will finish in 2021. The project is funded by EASME– Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. The consortium is formed by Azti Tecnalia, Wavec, Bimep, Idom, Waveroller, Hidromod and Marine Technology Centre.

The main goal of the project is to contribute to increase the current knowledge on these priority research areas to better inform decision-makers and managers on environmental real risks and reduce the environmental consenting uncertainty of ocean wave energy projects across Europe.

WESE will be working with three wave energy devices installed in Spain and Portugal. It will collect and process environmental data and will enhance modelling capacities. It will develop licencing guidance and use maritime spatial planning concepts and tools to help with site selection.

Marine Technology Centre is in leading the Modelling Workpackage, in which models for acoustic, electromagnetic and hydrodynamic impact of Wave Energy Systems will be developed and validated.

Ibon Galparsoro, Azti Tecnalia